Advantages of USB Data Acquisition

14 Feb

Data acquisition systems are products or processes that are used in order to collect information to analyze or document some phenomenon. As an example, it is just like a technician logging the temperature of an oven on a paper is performing a data acquisition.

As technology now continue to progress, such process is now being simplified and is now more versatile, accurate and becomes more reliable through the electronic equipment. The equipment range from the simple recorders to the sophisticated computer system or the smart phones now are now portable data acquisition systems.

LabJack data acquisition products serves as the focal point of a system that ties together different products like sensors which indicates the flow, level, temperature or the pressure. A Universal Serial Bus (USB) will give an ideal method in providing connectivity of a computer and remote sensor for the data acquisition. This results to USB data acquisition modules and devices which are in fact now widespread.

Using USB now at has grown in various sectors in the computer market due to its convenience. Part of the data acquisition sector would be the use of interface for devices that are small and are cost effective.

USB not only proved itself to be an ideal platform for various mainstream computer applications and it likewise offers various advantages of data acquisition systems. These advantages would be:

Allowing faster speeds

Power of data acquisition modules could be acquired from your computer that simplifies systems and portable USB data acquisition systems. Learn more at

A USB data acquisition module could be connected and disconnected without having to power down your computer.

The USB ports are standard on PCs that helps to make it an easy method of connection.

You could use USB and data acquisition communication standards together.

You could expand connectivity through the use of a USB hub for you to connect several USB data acquisition devices.

There are different USB data acquisition products which are now available. Though there are dedicated measurement modules also available, there are other items that are capable in taking different analogue and digital inputs. Such items in fact are useful in applications to where different points and sensors requires monitoring. When you have multiple input USB data acquisition modules, it means that only one module is required. Such modules also have its own data acquisition software.

An advantage with such form of data acquisition module is that one module may only be required. When there are several modules needed, your computer’s power supply could become overloaded.

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